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Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Goes Biocide-Free

Nippon Paint Marine's unique biocide-free self-polishing coating was applied to the RIVIERA, a luxury cruise ship operated by Oceania Cruises. The coating works by using science and materials used in medical anti-thrombogenic polymer technology. Read article

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Guarding Against Waterfront Environmental Impacts

On the coast, painted walls tend to fade faster, are pummeled with wind-driven rain, are exposed to salt, and are breeding grounds for bio-growth. One seven-story Destin, Florida, resort was looking for a fresh update but wanted more longevity for its money. Read article

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Ensuring the Legacy of Dubai’s Latest Luxury Hotel with Powder Coatings

The challenge for the resort’s designers and architects was to find a powder coating that could protect aluminum surfaces and girders in a climate of extreme heat and corrosive salt spray from the coast, and with a finish that would complement the warm terracotta tones of Dubai’s landscape. Read article

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DLC Coatings Decrease the COF of Many Different Materials

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings are characterized by their high wear, abrasion, and corrosion resistance. This article discusses DLC coating types, mechanical properties, coefficient of friction, surface properties, electrical properties, corrosion resistance properties, and uses. Read article

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