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Color Trends that Homeowners Demand

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By Maggie O’Hare, Senior Manager of Color and Design, Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood; and Eric Crosby, Material and Finishes Expert, Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood

There is more to color than meets the eye. Color moves us. It has the power to change the very essence of everything it touches. Color can set a mood, create a conversation, soothe, and ground us. Through color, we navigate our world, understand it more deeply, and tailor it to our own personal touch.

That’s why it’s incumbent upon paint and coatings professionals to stay attuned to the dynamic landscape of color trends in order to satisfy the ever-shifting styles and preferences of modern homeowners. Getting ahead of these trends can enable you to design, manufacture, and go to market with products that are in tune with contemporary demand.

But there is another guiding rule at play in homes today – the continued prevalence of natural materials. Today, and for the foreseeable future, homeowners are seeking new and exciting ways to incorporate wood into their homes due to its practical and stylish qualities. Floors, window frames, and trims made from natural wood are advantageous for those who desire a low-maintenance lifestyle due to their durability against the wear and tear of everyday living. Meanwhile, the organic textures and tones of natural wood bring spaciousness and depth to living spaces. And when selecting wood finishes, it’s important to consider the color trends that will surround and interplay with wood finishes.

When on-trend color selection intersects with the natural beauty of wood, it can lead to products that resonate with consumer desires. That’s why Sherwin-Williams put together the 2024 Industrial Wood ColorMix® Forecast – a series of color palettes that will influence product development and emerging styles within the wood finishing industry in 2024, and beyond. Here’s a look at those colors, why they are making an impact in today’s living spaces, and how they are complementary to residential paint trends.

Taking Inspiration from Nature

Consumers are increasingly interested in the crossroads of vitality and tranquility, change and constancy, intensity and calm. Satisfying those interests can be done in spaces where blue and green converge.

These colors remain central today. And as a complement, we see warm neutral earth tones appearing on oak, poplar, hickory, an elm, and bird’s eye maple emerging in the wood finishing industry. Organic trends are reflected in the use of neutral, medium-toned finishes that complement the color palette. These finishes often have a rustic or “lived-in” appearance and are combined with modern elements for a contemporary twist. These warm, mid-tone hues can bring an organic and renewable sensation into the home.

Creativity and Energy Collide

From deep to mid-toned, reds and purples are characterized by their vibrant energy. Earthy browns and beiges with hints of these tones are steadily rising in popularity as homeowners delve into active mindfulness and deeply nourishing wellness rituals.

The resulting finish colors are a mix of hues that work well with accent jewel tones. This aligns with increasing consumer demand for personalization by creating something that is unique to the individual. Energetic creativity can be found in many textures and hues on white oak, walnut, poplar, pine, and burl woods.

Serenity and Harmony

Whites and soft tints are infusing depth and sophistication into layered monochromatic color stories. They help create spaces that provoke introspection and contemplation – a common desire among today’s consumers.

As this trend develops, stabilizing whites reign over their starker predecessors, and layering whites become a new method for creating richness in modern interiors. Consumers are embracing the serenity and tranquility that pale and warm tinted tones, such as beige, gray, cream, and whitewashes, bring to interior spaces. You can find these complementary finishes on birch, ash, bleached cherry, and bleached walnut.

Dramatic Moods

Deeply saturated dark tones are gaining momentum to deliver a sense of enfolding calm. Meanwhile, earth-inspired browns and burgundies, greens, grays, and midnight hues create feelings of gratifying solace.

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Designers are embracing this trend to create a sense of comfort and familiarity. By combining elements from the past with a modern twist, these finish colors evoke feelings of security and comfort. As a complement to the deep and dark hues, expect an increase in requests for dark earthy tones on white and red oak, cherry, and hickory emerging in the wood finishing industry to add visual dimensionality to rooms.

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*All images courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.