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Designed to reflect maximum light back to its source, PPG ENVIROCRON™ LUM coating is a proprietary and patent-pending breakthrough technology. While liquid-based retroreflective coatings are commonly used to increase the visibility of pavement markings and street signs, this coating is the first-ever retroreflective powder coating. Using a formulation with embedded glass beads, the single-layer coating refracts light and retroreflects it directly back to a vehicle’s driver to enhance visibility. The coating delivers a non-solvent solution with high transfer efficiency, and provides exceptional scratch and mar resistance.
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Retroreflective powder Coating

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Batch High-Shear Mixers

Compressed Air Filter

Walmec North America
The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter provides point-of-use filtration of liquids, oils and other contaminants. It has a 5 micron rating, and is available in sizes with flow ranges of 15 SCFM to 250 SCFM and pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI. It is ideal for a large variety of applications including surface preparation, paint spraying, powder coating, air-powered tools and pneumatically operated equipment. The filter has a permanently mounted differential pressure gauge and comes with mounting brackets. An optional pressure regulator with gauge is available.
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Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc.
The color and true gloss benchtop spectrophotometer CM-36dG is ideal for quality control. Users can take true 60° gloss and color measurements in one reading. By measuring and reporting color and gloss values together, users can streamline their quality control workflow and reduce operator errors. Features include a wider transmission chamber to assist in measuring larger transparent or translucent samples, four target masks, and optional wavelength analysis and adjustment.
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Charles Ross & Son Co.
ROSS Batch High-Shear Mixers equipped with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology deliver powders in an efficient manner for quick wet-out and complete dispersion into low-viscosity liquids. A SLIM mixer assembly with Progressive Spiral Porting™ creates a powerful vacuum that draws powders directly into the high-shear zone and rapidly disperses individual solid particles into the liquid vehicle. This method of powder addition dramatically reduces the formation of lumps (fisheyes), prevents floating powders, eliminates dusting, and accelerates mixing time. It can also be used to introduce minor liquid components and create fine emulsions.
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The ChemQuest Group
TraQr™ is an interactive dashboard and forecasting tool that combines input data relative to key coatings market consumption, macroeconomic indicators and raw materials. It is now available for subscription. TraQr enables businesses throughout the specialty chemicals value chain to more easily identify, analyze and forecast market trends to make better informed purchasing, pricing, expansion, cost saving and development decisions. Coatings TraQr will initially be available for use within the paint and coatings industry, and co-marketed to those users through a partnership with the American Coatings Association.
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Lightweight Masonry Coatings

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Synthetic Additive

Easy to process, highly transparent and extremely color pure, SynAdd serves to improve technical properties such as weather and moisture resistance as well as scratch resistance. At the same time, it can also be used for optical effects. The powder is suitable for use in aqueous and solvent-based systems. In lacquers, it minimizes tiny cracks on the surface, improving the technical properties of the products. Anti-stick coatings, for example, become scratch-resistant as a result. Thanks to improved surface texture, the haptics of the products also benefit.
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LIGHT & EASY™ exterior masonry coatings by PPG help to alleviate the problems faced by painters having to handle heavy tins. The lightweight technology reduces the weight of the paint by up to 30% while maintaining the same coating performance and providing a significant sustainability benefit, reducing the carbon footprint by 16% over the life cycle of the paint. The latest All Seasons technology uses silicone and acrylic technology to provide additional performance benefits, including an extended painting season.
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Munson Machinery Co. Inc.
Model 700-THCX-600-MSL blends abrasive materials in six to eight minutes with total uniformity and little to no shear, degradation or heat. It has a useable batch capacity of 600 cubic feet (17 m³) and achieves uniformity with equal efficiency from 100% to 15% of rated capacity, regardless of disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of batch ingredients. Its horizontal rotating vessel contains proprietary mixing flights with replaceable wear liners made of abrasion-resistant steel that tumble, turn, cut and fold material gently, preventing degradation and imparting minimal energy to the batch.
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BYK-Gardner GmbH
The new byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer is designed for precise measurement results, with each test condition recorded for detailed results analysis and review. It offers an intuitive navigation, many control options, and a large capacitive color touch-screen display, which includes preset buttons to quickly recall often-used measuring parameters. Available in two models, the byko-visc RT and byko-visc RT Lite, each features versatility and compatibility with three different sensitivities and optional accessories. They can measure liquids from a near water-like to even the most viscous epoxies, sealants and pastes.
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