Ready to proof -- CLJ 5/23/23


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The Coatings Minute


Nastco / Getty Images Plus, via Getty Images.

PCI’s Coatings Minute Videos give a quick glimpse of some of the latest industry updates and PCI exclusive content. Click the links to the videos below to watch!

Keynote Speaker Announced for the 2023 CTT Summit

PCI is excited to announce the keynote speaker for the Coatings Trends & Technologies Summit, which will be held September 6-8 in Lombard, IL. Watch here to learn more.

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Multi-Functional Coating Test Instruments Operate Like "Swiss Army Knives"

PCI recently published an article by Kett, which discusses the wide range of coating measurement equipment with multi-functional testing capabilities that allow greater flexibility and productivity. Watch the video to learn more.

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Novel, Bio-Based Additives for Water-Based Coatings

Currently, Borregaard AS produces a variety of wood-based performance chemical products from renewable sources. Two of these products: lignosulfonate (LS) and microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), both produced from the Norway spruce tree, have been added into various water-based coatings with excellent results. Learn more about this technology in our video.