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Engineered Polymer Solutions
EPS® 2786 is a new all-acrylic polymer for high-performance gloss interior and exterior architectural DIY or professional paints. EPS 2786 is a versatile polymer recommended for use in semi-gloss to high-gloss enamels that require exceptional hardness and tack resistance in both white/pastel bases and fully tinted clear/neutral bases. It is ideal for institutional, commercial, or other high-traffic areas. Coatings formulated with EPS 2786 are capable of achieving same-day hot block resistance (50 °C) within hours of being applied, without the use of intentionally added fluorosurfactants.

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Acrylic Resin for Near-Zero-VOC, Fluorosurfactant-Free Formulations

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Precision Metering Gear Pump

Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer

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Automated Powder Induction and Dispersion System

Industrial Tinting System

HMG Paints
The KROSS Tint range is a short-oil alkyd solution for industrial coatings, providing colorants that are perfect for use in applications such as synthetic alkyds, DTMs, primer finishes, and QAD products. The system, developed entirely in house, consists of 17 colorants that can be used to create a myriad of colors. All of the colors are available via HMG’s innovative tinting software, which is compatible with both manual and automated tinting schemes.

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Konica Minolta Sensing Americas
The CM-26dG is a portable sphere spectrophotometer with an integrated 60-degree gloss sensor that simultaneously measures color and true gloss. The low profile and compact body allow positioning in various spots of an interior's surface. The high precision of the CM-26dG allows for color communication throughout the automotive supply chain. Key features include an inter-instrument-agreement level generally only found in benchtop instruments, an integrated 60° gloss sensor, image-based workflows for easy and simple usage, and an illuminated viewfinder for accurate positioning on patterned subjects or small parts.

Image courtesy of Konica Minolta Sensing Americas.
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The Fastfeed PLC is an automated powder induction and dispersion system. The newest addition to the Fastfeed product lineup is the Fastfeed PLC model FF-425-PLC, featuring full automation controls and a touchscreen operation designed to increase efficiency and productivity even further. It offers mechanical advantages including rapid incorporation and wetting out of powder ingredients, coupled with a host of automation advantages such as ergonomic touchscreen operation, recipe storage, monitoring job stats, remote capability for maintenance or updates, and one-touch CIP mode.

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The Zenith B9000 Series precision metering gear pump is suitable for a wide range of fluids, including those that are abrasive or have poor lubrication. The B9000 Series can be used for metering adhesives, coatings, paints/varnishes, colorings, catalysts, and resins. The magnetic coupling option eliminates shaft leakage of fluids, improving plant safety while reducing VOC emissions and seal failures. The feature eliminates excessive mechanical seal failures and the need for buffer fluids, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

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Rheology Modifiers

Graphene Additives

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Automatic Powder Guns

Weathering and Corrosion Tester Controllers

Q-Lab’s Q-SUN xenon arc, QUV accelerated weathering testers, and Q-FOG corrosion test chambers now feature “Gen 4” main controllers with full-color touchscreen displays that can be operated in 17 different languages. In addition to the color touchscreen(s) and multiple language capabilities, the new controllers feature a simple, intuitive user interface with straightforward programming, direct compatibility with Q-Lab’s inexpensive Universal Calibration smart sensors, multicolored LED indicator, single-screen mode for maximum tester uptime, and more.

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Gerdau Graphene
Gerdau Graphene has released two new additives specifically formulated for the paint and coatings industry: NanoDUR and NanoLAV. The new additives, produced with the company’s proprietary G2D technology, utilize graphene nanoplatelets to deliver performance improvements for water-based paints and coatings, without altering pH levels. The additives also reduce or eliminate the need for some traditional manufacturing inputs, additives, and processes, which can lower production costs while improving sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

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The new automatic powder guns from WAGNER are for use in coating systems (PEA-X1), as well as robot-based production environments (PER-X1). Compared to the previous model, they offer several advantages. With its modular design and the variety of accessories, the new gun family enables a wide field of applications for all kinds of customer requirements. Depending on the application, various nozzles are available that are also compatible with the PEM-X1 manual gun that is part of the product family. They are ideal for both single-color and color change systems. The optimized, streamlined design of the CoronaStar provides minimal areas for powder accumulations on the gun body and ensures efficient, automatic blow-off during color change.

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Aquaflow™ ECO-300 is a high-shear effective rheology modifier allowing the formulation of biocide-free paints, and reducing the carbon footprint during transportation due to the 100%-active solid-dosage form. The company also offers its flagship Natrosol™ Plus HEC product range, giving best performance in terms of spatter resistance and overall robustness of paint formulations.

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