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Preservation of Historical Structures with Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

The famous Zagreb Cathedral in Croatia was looking for an optimal solution for maintaining or improving the mechanical resistance and structural stability of the tower. Read article

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Clean Technology Lasers: The New Tool in Surface Pre-Treatment for Superior Coating Adhesion

Laser systems remove corrosion, grease, residue, and existing coatings from metal surfaces quickly, with less preparation and mess than traditional techniques. Read article

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The Hydropower Industry and Epoxy Coatings

One of the key components of the hydropower industry is the use of epoxy coatings, which are used to protect the machinery and infrastructure used in hydropower operations. Learn about the role and benefits of epoxy coatings. Read article

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Successfully Coating Non-Metallic Workpieces

This exclusive article covers a contract coating company's search for a sustainable powder coating solution that can also be applied to sensitive substrates — materials that are traditionally liquid coated. Read article

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