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Custom Milling and Consulting, Inc.
The Supermill Plus offers the latest in horizontal disc mill technology. CMC’s specially designed fluidizer discs agitate the beads inside the mill to make them flow in various directions. This provides high-intensity action that shears and breaks down particles as they flow through the horizontal chamber. The ability to set up the discs in various ways gives processors the flexibility to produce a wide range of products.
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Horizontal Disc Mill

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Applied Graphene Materials
The Genable® 1700 series of eco-friendly graphene nanoplatelet dispersions offers performance enhancements such as chemical resistance, and barrier and anticorrosion properties. They are integrated with a selection of certified, fully bio-based solvents and resins available in the market, including Cyrene™ (dihydrolevoglucosenone), a bio-renewable solvent, and renewable resins Entropy Resin One and Entropy Resin CCR, a solvent-free liquid epoxy resin and a solvent-free hydroxy functional polyester.
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Evonik Industries and SI Coatings
Si Coatings 100011-00L is a water-based primer for pretreatment of steel prior to coating in the fluidized-bed process. Jointly developed by Evonik Industries and SI Coatings, the new primer with water hazard class WGK1 has a shelf life of six months when stored frost-free. With VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 powder, it can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping or doctoring, and baked at about 300 °C during heating for the fluidized bed process. Until now, large-area steel parts, especially concave surfaces, were pretreated with solvent-containing primers when exceptional adhesion was required, for example, in contact with water.
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Water-Based Primer

Graphene Nanoplatelet Dispersions

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New Tolonate™ X F 450 is a solvent-free and low-viscosity polyisocyanate based on HDI. It is part of the flexible polyisocyanate range developed by Vencorex specifically to provide elasticity to coatings while maintaining high hardness. It is reported to be especially suitable for fast-drying formulations like aliphatic polyureas and polyaspartics, where it will overcome their brittleness and provide extended pot life. It is a versatile polyisocyanate that can be used alone or in combination with other hardeners to effectively fine-tune the curing time and flexibility of the formulation.
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Walmec North America
The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter provides point-of-use filtration of liquids, oils and other contaminants. This two-stage filter is designed to operate most effectively when placed near the point of use. It is available in sizes with flow ranges of 15 SCFM to 250 SCFM, and pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI. Applications include surface preparation, paint spraying, powder coating, air-powered tools and pneumatically operated equipment. The first-stage filter eliminates liquids, and particles of dirt, dust, rust and scale. The second-stage filter removes remaining moisture, contaminants and particles down to 5 microns.
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Polyisocyanate Hardener

Compressed Air Filter

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X-Rite Incorporated
The PANTORA™ desktop application for the management of color and appearance data in digital design and production workflows now connects with the Ci7000 Series, MA-T12 and MetaVue VS3200 spectrophotometers, enabling brands and suppliers to quickly capture or import spectral and appearance data into the application and create virtual material samples for paints, plastics, metals, fabrics and meshes. For paint and coatings samples, the MA-T12 multi-angle spectrophotometer can measure and virtualize flake texture and color flop.
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AW-Lake Co.
The JV-TC Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter replaces the JV-CG line for highly accurate metering of paints, adhesives, sealants, resins, lubricants and petrochemical products. Ideal for metering small-particle fluids of medium to high viscosity, the JV-TC Gear Meters are ideal for filling and dosing systems and two- and three-component mixing systems. The JVH Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter replaces the JVHS line for measuring additives and chemicals in hazardous area rate environments. Designed for operation in systems rated to 15,000 PSI (1035 bar), the JVH Gear Meters are used in chemical processing plants.
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Creative Materials
904-64A/B is a two-component silicone addition-cured potting compound. Red in color, it offers thermally conductive room-temperature curing and low shrinkage. It features easy air release as well as excellent mechanical, thermal and shock resistance properties. 904-64A/B has a wide service temperature range and excellent chemical resistance. It has a rating of UV 94V-0 and when fully cured will not undergo reversion under normal operating conditions. The cured properties of 904-64A/B include shore hardness >65A, service temperature between -55 °C and 300 °C, tensile strength >575 PSI, dielectric strength 650 VTM, and thermal conductivity of 1.75 W/mK.
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EnviroGear Pumps
The G Series Internal Gear Pumps are now available with jacketing. Specifically designed to enhance the G Series Pump’s temperature control and stability, these new jacketed pumps are suited to handle a variety of challenging applications, including coatings. The jacketing system efficiently heats the seal area and pump internals to maintain process temperature and integrity during operation, ensuring high-freeze-point liquids remain in a fluid state when processed. The jacket also provides faster pump startup and reliability when compared to a cold pump. They are available in cast iron configurations and in sizes G2-55, G2-69, G2-82, G2-133 and G2-222.
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Two-Component Potting Compound

Jacketed Internal Gear Pumps

Color Management Software

Gear Flow Meters