Ready to proof -- CLJ 09/20/21

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Five Amazing Ways Robots Are Disrupting the Paint Industry

Painting robot technologies can improve operations. The five use cases in this article highlight why people are increasingly interested in these purposeful machines. Read article

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Polymeric Repair and Protection Systems Save Steel Fabricator Millions

Over the course of several years, a steel fabricator in Scunthorpe, UK, has saved millions of pounds by deploying a series of polymeric repair and protection systems, including epoxy repair mortars and stainless steel protective coatings, on their gas pipeline. Read article

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Why Tech Matters in the Coatings Industry

Take a look at the tsunami of changes on the horizon for coatings companies and how technology can help them rise to the challenges ahead. Read article

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Zinc Phosphate Pretreatment System Helps Reduce Downtime, Operational Costs

Since switching to a new system, this parts manufacturer has realized a variety of operational benefits, including lower application expenses, less downtime for maintenance, fewer chemical dumps and a significant reduction in waste treatment costs. Read article

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